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What CAN be recycled into the tan dumpsters on campus:

Clean paper and cardboard: flattened cardboard, newspapers, inserts, magazines, phonebooks, paperback books, mail
Paper food containers: clean paper cups, milk and juice cartons, juice boxes, frozen food boxes

Glass bottles and jars: all colors and sizes
Plastic containers: plastic cups, bottles, jugs, plastic jars
and tubs
Cans: Aluminum, tin, and clean scrap metal, empty
aerosol cans, scrap metal and small metal appliances






What NOT to put in tan dumpsters:

Food-soiled paper towels, napkins and non-coated paper plates • Computers, TVs • Fluorescent bulbs & tubes
Motor Oil • Hazardous Waste • Liquid Paint • Ceramics Hoses• Needles, syringes • Yard trimmings

Concrete, rocks, dirt • Propane Tanks • Cooking oil

Loose or hot ashes • Loose cat litter • Loose packing pellets

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